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Dr. von Keresztesy Tiborné Keledy Pláner Lívia


Lívia Keledy was born in the Saint János hospital, at the city of Budapest, Hungary, Europe, on the 24th. of August 1923.
Her father, Tibor Keledy was the lord-mare of the city of Kolozsvár between 1940-1943 and between 1943-1944 he was appointed as the major lord-mare of the city of Budapest. Her mother was Margit Pláner. She had one brother, Péter Keledy.
Lívia Keledy got married with Dr. Tibor von Keresztesy Kotutch on the 29th. of January of 1944. He was an otorrinolaringologist (nose-ear-throat) specialist surgeon. She had two children, Fruzsina and Mihály. Livia Keledy with her family left Hungary broken hearted and forever on the 27th. of November of 1956. Her husband Tibor died in 1965 and her daughter Fruzsina passed away in 1972.
Lívia Keledy was extremely proud of her noble Hungarian descent. With great joy and happiness she finally returned to Hungary on the 21st. of April of 1990, but then only with her son Mihály and her brother Péter.
Her son Mihály lived in South America from 1957 to 1999 (Trinidad, Chile and Venezuela). Since 1999 he has retired to the island of Grenada. His mother, Lívia Keledy until her 55th. life-time practiced her noble nurse profession and only after 1980 she discovered that she had an unique hidden ability that lay dormant, whereby skills ranged from sewing, knitting, drawing and painting. She found in her artistic skills her means of continuing to be useful and always be helpful, and this gave her a firm reason for her life-meaning. Lívia Keledy had a firm belief: ?Life is really worthwhile to live for until you are useful?. She did all her arts on benefactions terms or agreements and donated them unconditionally priceless.
She returned to the grace of God, in Caracas,Venezuela on the 18th.of July, 1995. and she was buried in the sea at the beautiful island of Grenada on the 29th.of July 1995. Her sacred burial was planified, organized and honored by her son's very best friend (buddy), Mr. Clinton Bailey.
After the passing of his mother, her son Mihály decided to create a foundation in her blessed memory. Her son gave to his beloved Mother the happiness, joy and proud ness to be useful everlastingly to humanity. There is continuity !! This foundation was built up at the Ottokár Prohászka Catholic High School finishing the year 1995 at the city of Budakeszi, in Hungary. The everlasting responsibility of this foundation is to give support to the necessitous children on a form of scholarship in five categories: social, studies, artistic, sport and further-studies or university. The scholarship awards are given every three months, the students of the 12th. grade will be granted with the co memorial coin of the benefactor Lívia Keledy, and all of them will be honored by a memorial diploma signed by Kristóf Filó, representative of the foundation and Mihály von Keresztesy Keledy, the founder.
The capital of the foundation comes exclusively and entirely from the family inheritance. With the firm decision of the founder, this capital in all circumstances is everlastingly untouchable and so fort all the scholarships and expenses must be covered for-ever exclusively from the yearly interest. The founder appointed Dr. Jenö Bodonovich as the permanent lawyer of the foundation. At the same time the founder has decided to handle over the foundation to the sacred hands of the Hungarian Roman Catholic Church. So fort the curatorium is the Catholic Church and the bishop post of Székesfehérvár. The sole decision taker of the foundation is Dr. Antal Spányi regain-bishop and his actual representative at the city of Budakeszi is Kristóf Filó, canon parish priest. At the moment, reverend Kristóf Filó is the only person who decides to whom the scholarship is really needed and deserving. After the sacred mass for the blessed memory of Lívia Keledy, the yearly scholarships are handed out at the premises of the Catholic Church at Budakeszi. Following, the happy and proud children with their parents are invited for a toast and a humble welcome reception.
This foundation at the Ottokár Prohászka College is extremely proud because it has a magnificent and beautiful remembrance room or museum which was blessed by the late Dr. László Németh on the 18th. of September of 1999. To eternal history, Lívia Keledy has left and granted us with her magic hand-works. In each of them She left us a sign and signal of Her humble, exemplary life-time. Rejoice because you can visualize 172 handiworks, 68 pieces of other items, 11 pieces of memorial jewelry and 104 objects of her personal collection.
This museum can be visited at any time on normal school schedules from Monday to Friday. At weekends only on special appointments.
The founder also enlarged, engrossed this foundation with 31 pieces of astonishing and beautiful jewelry of the personal belongings of his Mother.
To complement the gracious support of the Dr. von Keresztesy Tiborné foundation we must mention the yearly tournaments of football for boys, the volleyball games for the girls, the ping-pong competition and the chess championship for all participants. At their sole request, the old boys and girls can also take part in these events. In the three fields the winners are rewarded with a wonder-cup, with a diploma, a medal and a chocolate bar. On a special day and in the presence of the whole school, actually 508 fortunate children, these premiums are handed out to the winners by the actual headmistress of the school, Körösiné. dr. Hilda Merkl in the presence of the founder. Following, these happy children are personally invited by the founder, Mihály von Keresztesy Keledy for a special divertimento at a pizzeria o at a pastry shop. Besides, the foundation sponsors the chess apprentices and in many ways supports the necessities of the school like: donation for the new building, sport utilities, fun activities, school journeys and others.
At the year 1997, to the proud ness of both, to the foundation and to the school, a Ottokár Prohászka student, Péter Szeles (1991-1997) composed his life-first, the famous organ-composition to the memory of Lívia Keledy which he named ? Fideó-nak ajánlva Fuga in C ?. In 1999 he personally played his composition with pride, joy and happiness at the blessing of the remembrance room or museum.

The Accomplishment of the Foundation during 15 years. From: 1996-1997 To: 2009-2010.

Scholarship given to : 275 Children 13.780.000 Forint
Scholarship given to: 5 Teacher 380.000
Scholarship given to: 15 Others 218.300
Beneficiaries and Amount: 295 Persons 14.378.300 Forint
Collaboration for the building of the school 1.000.000
Interior support for the school?s children 614.860
Exterior support for the school?s children 65.000
Sport accessories for the school 162.360
Blessing and celebration of the museum 531.878
For the constant functioning of the foundation 2.137.860
Expenses of the football, volleyball,
ping-pong and chess tournaments. 295.270
The scholarship?s hand-over celebration 138.880
The founder, Mihály von Keresztesy Keledy has fulfilled his life-time promise. Until now, during 15 years he has traveled to Budakeszi, to Hungary, exclusively at his personal expenses, so to fulfill his responsabilities towards the sacred memories of his beloved Mother represented by Her foundation.

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